Z Series Coils

Geek Vape

Z Series Coils

Geek Vape

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Formerly known as Zeus Coils.

Compatible With: Geek Vape Zeus Kit,  Geek Vape Zeus Sub-Ohm Tank, Geek Vape Aegis Max Kit, Geek Vape Obelisk Kit, Geek Vape Aegis Legend 2 Kit (L200), Geek Vape Poseidon Tank, Geek Vape Aegis Solo 2 (S100) Kit, Geek Vape Zeus 2021 Tank

Pack Size: 5 COILS

80W to 90W

Mesh Coil
70 to 80W Range

Z0.25Ω DC
45W to 57W Range


Mesh Coil
50 to 60W Range

Sorry, only of the is available to order.

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