Smoke Trap Filter 2.0

Smoke Trap

Smoke Trap Filter 2.0

Smoke Trap

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Compatible with: Smoke Trap Filter Cartridge

The Smoke Trap Filter 2.0 comes with 1 Filter Cartridge.

Smoke Trap 2.0 Is the latest personal air filter from Smoke Trap. It features an industry-leading filter life with maximum airflow while exhaling. No more struggling to blow through personal air filters, Smoke Trap 2.0's upgraded HEPA filter lets you exhale easily and smoothly for over 300 uses.

  • No Smoke
  • No Smell
  • New Leakproof Comfortable Rubber Mouthpiece (works with beards)
  • Sleek & Slim So You Can Easily Hide It & Bring On The Go
  • Improved Replaceable Filter Cartridge System. No clips, No hassle, Just Slide-In & Out.
  • 3 Stage HEPA + Carbon Filter That Eliminates Smoke & Smell
  • Upgraded HEPA Filter For Maximum Air Flow & Longer Filter Life (300+ uses)
  • Saves Money & The Planet With Replaceable Filter Cartridges

Frequently Asked Questions
How does one know when the filter cartridge is 100% sealed and in place?
All you have to do is slide the replacement filter inside the Smoke Trap body and then put the end cap on.

Does the Smoke Trap Filter 2.0 come with a filter?
Yes. It comes with a filter inside and is ready to use.

How often do you have to replace filters?
It depends how often you smoke. We have found that you can get around 300 puffs or exhales with our new Smoke Trap 2.0 filter. You will know when the filter needs to be replaced when it is very difficult to exhale through. It’ll feel clogged.

One tip we have to lengthen the life of the filter is to cycle two replacement filters at a time. Moisture build up can cause HEPA filters to feel clogged. It's recommended to use one replacement filter for one sesh and then use a different replacement filter for a separate sesh. This will allow one replacement filter to dry while the other is being used.


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