RAW Hemp Wick


RAW Hemp Wick


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RAWHemp Wick - 10ft (RAWHEMPWICK10EU)

  • Retail Unit: 40 Bundles
  • 10ft / 3m per bundle Artisanally Made in Europe

RAW Hemp Wick Ball - 100ft (RAWHEMPWICK100EU )
RAW Hemp Wick is the most natural way to light the purest unrefined rolling papers! Our model is very simple: everything has to be eco-friendly and locally sourced in a responsible way. All RAW Hemp Wick packs, display boxes and cards are also printed on recycled hemp paper. The natural alternative to butane lighters is now available in a 100-ft ball!

  • Retail Unit: 1 Bundle
  • 100ft / 30.5m per ball

RAW Hemp Wick - 20ft (RAWHEMPWICK20EU)

  • Retail Unit: 20 Bundles
  • 20ft / 6m per bundle

RAW Hemp Wick Ball - 250ft (RAWHEMPWICK250EU )

  • Retail Unit: 1 Bundle
  •  250ft / 76m per ball Artisanally Made in Europe

Instructions: Light end, tilt up or down to control flame, light your RAW Rolling Paper!

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