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Compatible With: 510 Tanks

The Cartisan Go! is a palm-sized device designed to fit a wide variety of 510 cartridges. It's equipped with a 650 mAh battery and constructed with a soft rubberized finish. With built-in pre-heat functionality and 3 adjustable power settings, the Go! can be used with a wide variety of cartridges. Re-charging it is easy with the included Micro-USB Cable.

Battery: 650 mAh Rechargeable Lithium-Ion
Size: 60mm X 34mm X 16mm
Soft Touch Rubberized finish
11.5 mm opening for cartridges
Pre-Heat: Yes
Voltage: 3.4V (Green) 3.7V (Blue) 4.0 (Red)

1 X Cartisan Go! device
1 X Cartisan lanyard
1 X Micro-USB cable
2 X Adapters (Tall and Short)


How do I turn the Go! on?
Click the button five times quickly to turn the Go! on/off.

How do I change the voltage of the Go!
Click the button three times quickly to change the voltage settings. The Go! has three different voltage settings GREEN=3.4V BLUE=3.7V RED=4.0V

How do I activate the Pre-Heat function?
Click the button twice quickly to activate the pre-heat cycle. The button will begin to cycle through all the colors for 15 seconds.

What do I do if my Go! won’t charge?
If the device won’t charge, try using a different charging cable or power source. If you are still having issues charging the device please contact your retailer for a replacement device.

How do I know when my Go! is dead?
When the battery dies, the LED light will flash ten times. This is an indication of a recharge.

Please note that if you are contacting your retailer for a replacement device, the condition of your Go! will be taken into consideration. Only batteries with a manufacturer defect will be replaced.



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