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Black Box NEO


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The most popular and beloved Cartisan product ever made is now even better. 

The Black Box NEO is an update to the best selling product in the Cartisan line.

Since Black Box launched almost 3 years ago, we've been working to make it even more refined and discreet. Hundreds of thousands of people across America use the Black Box every day and we didn't want to introduce an update until we created something that wasn't just different, but better.

Designed for use with most 510 cartridges, the updated design is now even more sleek and comfortable to hold. The NEO retains the soft touch, rubberized feel so it can be carried all day.

The Black Box NEO is equipped with a 900 mAh battery for the same great multi-day battery life with variable power settings that can be changed easily with 3 clicks. It now also has pre-heat capability as well as easy charging via USB-C.

Included in the package are two magnetic adapters to make both short and tall cartridges fit just right.

Body: Soft Touch Rubberized finish
Power: Variable (3 Levels)
Pre-Heat: Yes
Battery: 900mAh Li-Ion Battery
Charging: USB Type-C
Device Size: 1.5" x 2.625" x 0.625"
Packaging Size: 4.5" x 3.1875" x 1.0"

Package Includes:
1 x Cartisan Black Box NEO
1 x USB-C cable
2 x Magnetic Adapters (Tall and Short)
1 x Instructions Card

Variable Voltage
Green: Low
Orange*: Medium
Red: High

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How do I turn the Black Box NEO on?

Click the button five times quickly to turn the Black Box NEO on/off.

How do I change the voltage of  the Black Box NEO?

Click the button three times quickly to change the voltage
settings. The Black Box NEO has three different power settings

GREEN =3.4V ORANGE* =3.7V RED =4.0V

How do I know when my battery is completely charged?

The LED light will be red when plugged in and charging. Red light will turn off when charge is complete.

What do I do if my Black Box NEO won’t charge?

If the device won’t charge, try using a different charging cable or
power source. If you are still having issues charging the device
please contact your retailer for a replacement device.

Why does my device blink with a white/rainbow color?

The cartridge is not making a proper connection to the Black Box NEO.
Try using a different adapter or a different cartridge. If this does
not work with ANY cartridge please contact your retailer for a
replacement device.

** Please note that if you are contacting your retailer for a
replacement device, the condition of your Black Box NEO will
be taken into consideration. Only Black Box NEO’s with a
manufacturer defect will be replaced. **

* Please note due to a misprint on packaging, please refer to website for accurate temperature settings information ***

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