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The USV ARC 240 is a lightweight dual battery device that packs a huge punch. Featuring the next generation VO240 Chipset, the ARC is capable of providing up to 240W of power and features a robust temperature control suite. Dual 18650 batteries are configured to work in series provide ultra-low response times.

Lightweight ABS Construction
Size: 86.5 x 61.3 x 30 mm
Batteries Required: 2 x 18650
32-bit ARM Processor
0.91” Color Display

Available Modes
Power Mode: 5-240W (1W Increment) - Power Profiles: Normal, ECO, Sports
Temperature Control Suite: 200-600°F (Ni, TI, SS316 Coils Supported)
Bypass mode: Provides maximum current output

Min Resistance: ~0.1Ω
Max Resistance: 2.0Ω

Sorry, only of the is available to order.

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