Vaping Congressman Targeted For Being Close To The Industry

Vaping Congressman Targeted For Being Close To The Industry

December 12, 2017

A legal advocacy group has asked the Office of Congressional Ethics to look into Rep. Duncan Hunter’s “endorsement of private vaping products in blatant disregard of the House Ethics Rules” — but Hunter’s office says the group is just blowing smoke.

A letter this week from the American Democracy Legal Fund claims Hunter, R-Alpine, is too close to the vaping and electronic cigarette industries. The group often targets Republicans but has also filed complaints against liberals such as Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

In an email, Hunter spokesman Michael Harrison said the attack is baseless. The congressman did nothing improper and he often supports a wide spectrum of issues that he believes will benefit his constituents, Harrison said.

“Congressman Hunter appreciates and supports the fact that the vaping industry is focused on harm reduction, meaning that vaping is an important tool utilized by many people to help reduce the harmful habit of smoking,” Harrison said.

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