Unhappy with the pending flavor ban? Be Heard!

Unhappy with the pending flavor ban? Be Heard!

September 12, 2019

A Note from Medusa About Possible Flavor Bans

Medusa was founded out of a love for a mission. The mission was to help reduce and eliminate the deadly scourge of combustible tobacco consumption. The mission has not changed and the love for it has only strengthened. Our response to the flavor ban proposals across the country in multiple states as well as on the federal level has been to keep calm and fight. Fight with education and the facts. Our founder and CEO is the President of the New Jersey Vapor Rights Coalition, a member organization of the Vapor Technology Association (VTA). Medusa has been active in advocacy in New Jersey and across the country for years. Taxes and bans and restrictions have been a threat for years now. We're no strangers to fighting the fight and spreading the message about tobacco harm reduction. We believe nicotine vaping represents an amazing opportunity to have an enormous public health impact and we're not shy about saying it.

Our industry is under pressure like we have never experienced before, but make no mistake, the industry has always been under pressure. We are part of something that is disruptive to the status quo and disruption is often misunderstood and defamed before it is accepted. Vape shops are on the front line and we are here to support that front line. If there is anything we can do to help you in any state, please reach out to us.

Our advice to vape shop owners across the country is to not panic and to continue business as usual. We also understand that it's easy to say that and the anxiety about the future is real. The best thing everyone can do is to reach out to local legislators and governors and congresspeople and everyone who will listen. Tell your story to EVERYONE who will listen. We've included links below to help you find your local elected officials.

An enormous amount of resources are pouring in to help us. Some of it is visible and some of it is not yet visible. In the states where flavor bans have passed by executive order, expect to see announcements soon about some of those actions.

Whether a Medusa customer or not, we love all vape shops everywhere. We will never stop fighting for this industry.

Your friends at Medusa


Let your elected officials and the President know that flavors are integral to your business and help keep your customers off of cigarettes!


 Call the White House: 202-456-1111
 Tweet President Trump @realdonaldtrump
 Contact the White House online: whitehouse.gov/contact


Find your local congressional and senate representatives:

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