Turning Point Brands Acquires VaporSupply

Turning Point Brands Acquires VaporSupply

April 30, 2018

Turning Point Brands has acquired VaporSupply, an Oklahoma based retailer and wholesale supplier of electronic cigarettes. VaporSupply, formerly known as VAPORWORLD, also manufactures the DripCo line of e-liquid and owns the eCig.com domain. Both of these assets are included in the sale to Turning Point Brands.

This acquisition is the latest for Turning Point Brands in the electronic cigarette space, previously having acquired Vapor Beast, based in California and Vapor Shark, based in Florida. The company is perhaps best known for it's ZigZag brand of rolling papers, but also has a business segment known as NewGen, into which this latest acquisition will fall. Terms of the deal were not disclosed as of the publishing of this post.

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