JUUL Labs Inc. Is Now Worth $15 Billion

JUUL Labs Inc. Is Now Worth $15 Billion

July 05, 2018

According to Bloomberg, JUUL is getting ready to close a $1.2 billion financing round that will value the electronic cigarette company at $15 billion. With projected revenue in 2018 of just under a billion dollars, JUUL's growth has caught many professional investors by surprise. Most industry professionals, however, have been witness to JUUL's meteoric rise. In fact, the "JUUL Effect" has helped to create entirely new categories in the electronic cigarette industry including a plethora of open and closed-end pod systems as well as e-Liquid that contains Nic Salts. 

San Francisco based JUUL remains largely an American story and some of the raised funds will be used to fuel growth outside of the U.S. The company currently enjoys a 68% market share of sales of electronic cigarettes in outlets that are tracked by Nielsen. This dominant market share data only takes outlets such as convenience stores and gas stations into account, but does not include vape shops into account where sales of e-Liquid sold in bottle format remains dominant.

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